higher-ground-assisted-living-home-care1Frequently Asked Questions

Is living at Higher Ground truly like living at home?

At Higher Ground, we endeavor to provide a home that has all the comfort of a REAL HOME and just the right amount of help if it is needed. Residents enjoy our tastefully decorated homes, home cooked meals and activities that are tailored to their interests and abilities. Residents are encouraged to furnish and decorate their rooms with all their personal touches that makes it home. Although all the rooms do come beautifully furnished and decorated with a special touch, we listen carefully to resident preferences to understand their needs and desires of residents and their families with the goal of providing the ideal of level of assistance and care. Higher Ground encourages interaction and social activities among residents while working individually with residents to promote independence.

Does Higher Ground offer daycare or respite care?

Higher Ground offers short-term stay programs upon availability. Short-term stay customers enjoy the same amenities and services as residents. Our short-term stay program is a thoughtful solution when a caregiver is on vacation or needs a temporary break, a loved one requires a little extra attention following a medical procedure or a caregiver is ill or unable to provide daily assistance. The short-term stay program is also a nice way to experience the lifestyle of Higher Ground. Higher Ground offers daycare for either half day (up to 5 hours) or a full day (up to 12 hours).

Does Higher Ground charge entrance fees and if so, what are the fees?

Unlike most other assisted living facilities, at Higher Ground you never have a buy in fee nor do we have an up front cost or entrance fee. There is never a long term purchase commitment fee.

Can I bring my own furnishings and decor?

Absolutely, yes! Residents are encouraged to furnish and decorate their rooms with all their personal touches that makes it a home. Our residents and their families enjoy decorating their own rooms based upon their unique personalities. All our rooms come beautifully furnished and decorated at no extra fee but we are happy to take out any furnishings and decorations so that you may replace them with your own personal touch.

Will someone at Higher Ground help me with my move?

Yes. We will be more than happy to offer whatever assistance that we can.

What are the visiting hours at Higher Ground?

While there are no set visiting hours at Higher Ground, we strive to keep our homes as close to a real home atmosphere as possible. Because of this, visiting hours are at the families discretion within the normal timeframe of a residential setting.